Acid Staining A Basement Floor In Hurricane

Acid Staining A Basement Floor

Acid Staining a basement floor can be really exciting – and very unpredictable! Each and every acid stained piece of concrete is unique to every individual slab. That’s what makes acid staining so thrilling and adventurous. The process of acid staining can be somewhat cumbersome, however. Not every basement floor is ready for the staining without a lot of preparation…as this video demonstrates.
Experience has shown that the more authentic the concrete surface and finish can appear, the more brilliant and vibrant the acid staining will show through. Acquiring the concrete finishes authenticity can be a bit tricky. Care must be taken to use the right materials in order to achieve the legitimate “Slick” troweled concrete finish to get the very best results with the acid stain applied to the floor. The smoother the finish, the more beautiful the colors are reflected through the concrete finish. The process is similar to staining wood…the more grain and patterns that show through the surface, the more spectacular the colors are reflected as well.
Once the process is completed and the floor has been sealed you now have virtually a Maintenance Free surface. Practically bulletproof!  Put down some cool looking ‘throw-rugs’ in your space and you’ve got a “one-of-a-kind”, that no one else has, flooring system that totally Awesome!!
Look at this acid stained overlay on a basement floor that had to be ground down and resurfaced before the coloring could be applied:

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