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Dissatisfied with your concrete flooring?

Do you find that your concrete flooring in your business or home is not up to your satisfaction? How about all those cracks, pits and imperfections on your concrete floors surface?

Epoxy Floor Coating With Color Chips
Epoxy Floor Coating With Color Chips

Most of these problems come from poor quality materials used during the construction of your home or business. Other times, they result from the  improper installation and application of your flooring systems. Don’t worry though, because Concrete Design Systems has the solution to your problem.

Within the past few decades, the inception of many flooring solutions have come about. Conventional ways are the utilization of concrete floor coverings such as linoleum, tiles, carpets, and other methods.  But now CDS comes up with a design utilizing modern and high end concrete flooring solutions that have been invented & developed to enhance that plain old boring concrete you have in your Salt Lake City home or business.  Concrete Design Systems integrates cutting edge concrete and flooring designs, so the need to often change floor coverings is a thing of the past.

Concrete Design Systems have come up with practical flooring solutions that are suitable to the kind of problems regarding your flooring. One of the best flooring solutions that CDS recommends is epoxy & urethane flooring, Salt Lake City residents.  Our epoxy & urethane flooring system  comes in varied applications depending on what  you and our designers feel your floor will need. Epoxy flooring makes use of resin and hardening compounds that work together to form a very strong adhesive bond to your surface. Some of the epoxy floor systems that we apply are waterproof Urethanes. We apply this system to prevent water seepage to your floors, thus raising the resilience of  your new Urethane floors against any type of  damages.

CDS also specializes in Concrete Polishing. This cutting edge concrete design system takes your plain floors and transforms them into a shiny and smooth surface that is easy to maintain. In addition, concrete polishing is a decorative flooring solution that can greatly improve the overall appearance, as well as Low Maintenance of your buildings.

Epoxy and Urethane coatings are common applications for a variety of surfaces. Garages, basements, decks, porches, patios, balconies, entries, breezeways – to name a few. Depending on the need will dictate the type of application product you need. Examples such as a need to waterproof your deck, balcony or garage floor would dictate that something flexible, like urethane, would be the best product for that need to make things water tight. If you’re looking for something that is more versatile and aesthetic, then epoxy coatings are a great way to beautify and enhance your floors, with an endless array of colors and designs offered, you can really show things off in a very professional and executive way! Take a look at some of these floors and see if there’s something that would fill your need. These durable interior and exterior treatments help your investment last for years! Protect your Porch, driveway, garage, porch, entrances and interior floors with this great and attractive protective  finish.

Call Concrete Design Systems, your Salt Lake City Concrete Contractor at (801)376-5143 today for all your epoxy and urethane flooring needs.

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