Utah Solid Color Concrete Staining

Solid Color Staining Is Widely Becoming Popular!

More and more SALT LAKE CITY residence are finding that they can “Solid Color Stain” for a lot less than they think possible and at the same time transform their homes into an entirely new place they can be proud of. Solid Color Staining is a material that’s very tenacious in its bonding capabilities and has the pigment to cover the discolorations that are so common in concrete surfaces.

Expectancy Of Solid Colorants

Applications of this type of product have been tried and proven in our Utah climate now for over 15-years – and are still going strong! Like any product, many variables come into play, such as; sun exposure, car traffic, ice-melts, and temperature swings. All in all Solid Color Staining is an economical way to enhance your approach to your home or business and can count on getting your money’s worth for a long time.

Take A Look For Yourself…….

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