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Acid Stained Basement Caramel Amber - Acid Stain Utah
Acid Stained Basement Floor

Once upon a time, concrete was limited to one color option only – the boring and drab gray. Today, when it comes to Concrete Design Systems and our limitless concrete design capabilities… that’s not the case at all. You will find that your concrete can be almost any color that you might want! Whether it’s the concrete floors in your home, your driveway, your pool deck, patio, front entry, steps, walks, court-yard or in your basement – these can All be revitalized and renewed with the beauties that Acid Colors can offer.

The process responsible for “coloring your concrete” is called acid stain or concrete staining. Concrete Design Systems has over 27+ years, coloring concrete and creating incredible stains for Salt Lake City businesses and residential homes.

Concrete Acid Staining For Life

Acid Staining is by far the most economical color application that is available out there in the world of concrete surface coatings – and permanent! Meaning that once applied to bare concrete the color becomes a life long companion to the concrete. Very little fading or discoloration takes place when exposed to ultraviolet sunlight. This means practically zero maintenance and longevity second to none. It’s a great way to enhance any concrete, or hard porous surface, to improve and add color to your surroundings for very inexpensively. Great for indoor or outdoor concrete: Basements, Garages, Patios, Driveways, Walkways, Porches, Steps, Decks and much more! Colors can even be blended to add even more dimension and aesthetic appeal to your home or business.

Custom Acid Staining

Another benefit you will find here is that concrete staining always creates a custom job, even if you and your neighbor opt for the same tint. Because your concrete will only accept a certain amounts of stain, the process will always generate  different color tones throughout, giving you a rich and vibrant concrete application that no one else will ever have. Your acid stain will never be the same as any0ne else’s stain, giving your home or business, it’s own custom look and feel.

Salt Lake City Residents Choose the Best Decorative Overlay Contractor

Cherokee Base With Stonehenge Highlights

Another Concrete Masterpiece!!

Posted by Concrete Design Systems on Friday, March 17, 2017

When you decide that acid staining is the best choice for you, call on the best concrete contractor in Utah.  Not calling CDS, could otherwise lead to high cost overruns, as well as serious problems with your acid stains color longevity and look.  Call us today at (801)376-5143.

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