Concrete Repair in Saint George

Does your Southern Utah home or business concrete show signs of cracking, chipping, discoloration and other problems that make your concrete surface ugly and even dangerous? If so, Concrete Design Systems has the solution for your problem.

Concrete is perhaps the most durable and affordable building material available. However, over time, even this material will show signs of age. Utah’s extreme temperature swings take its toll on exterior concrete. Over time, the freeze/thaw cycles and extreme heat exposure break down concrete in vulnerable areas making the surface unsightly – and often times even dangerous. If you find yourself in this situation, then Concrete Design Systems can be of immense help.

Saw-Cut Tile Pattern
Saw-Cut Tile Pattern

Most people are not aware that if caught soon enough, most damaged concrete can be salvaged and restored without suffering the costs and the headaches of tearing it out and replacing it for considerably less. Our saying at Concrete Design Systems is “Don’t Replace It – Resurface It” which is really a much better and economical way to go!

Concrete Design Systems will ensure that all concrete chips, cracks in your driveway, missing chunks in your walkway, patio or pool deck are completely redesigned and repaired, giving your newly repaired concrete a longer lasting application. However, concrete repairs should go far beyond simple concrete restoration. Your Southern Utah home or business will definitely benefit more from a custom designed decorative concrete overlay application once the repairs are completed.

Concrete Design Systems offer you the ability to transform any concrete repair into something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. With concrete refinishing, an overlay is applied after the repairs are done. Your concrete overlay is custom patterned with the design of your choice. You’ll find a countless number of cutting edge design options available with Concrete Design Systems. Together, let’s design your home a high end driveway into a beautiful Cobblestone drive or a custom Acid Stained entry. Whatever design we go with, it’s out with the old and boring and in with the high end and new. How about we transform your old pool deck into a luxurious place to relax with the look of brick or natural stone. At Concrete Design Systems your options are almost limitless! So when you need a concrete repair, Saint George residents, call us today at (801)850-4330

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