Coloring Concrete

Coloring Concrete is a great way to enhance and beautify your hardscape and give a breath of new life into old worn out concrete around your home or business.
More and more Salt Lake City residence are finding that they can “SOLID COLOR STAIN” or “ACID STAIN” for a lot less than they thought possible and at the same time transform their homes into an entirely new place that they can be proud of. SOLID COLOR STAINING and ACID STAINING materials are very tenacious and their bonding and penetrating capabilities are remarkable!
Solid Color stains have the type of opaque pigments to cover the discolorations and flaws that are so common in concrete surfaces after years of weathering and aging.
ACID STAINS are also remarkably tenacious and penetrate the substrate of concrete with a choke-hold that will never let go!! Acids drive deep into the concrete and make it impregnated to where if marred or scratched the color still remains in the breach.
EPOXY COLOR coatings are among the top winners for beautifying and upgrading concrete surfaces. These coatings are ideal for garages, shops, covered patios, basement floors and a number of other surface applications. Epoxies are very durable and extremely resilient when applied properly and the right type of epoxy is used for a particular surface use. 
URETHANE WATERPROOFING coatings are designed to create a watertight membrane over suspended wood or concrete decking to prevent the corrosive damage that water can cause to substrates that are in suspension and are at risk of rust in rebar embedded in concrete or dry-rot and mold in wood. This application is a good long-term solution for any above grade concrete or wood surface.

Applications of all these products mentioned have been tried and proven in our Utah climate now for over 35 years – and are still going strong! Like any product, many variables come into play, such as; sun exposure, vehicle traffic, ice-melt products, along with erratic temperature swings. All in all Solid Color Staining, Acid Staining, Epoxy Coatings and Urethane Waterproofing are an economical way to enhance your approach to your home and business and can count on getting your money’s worth for a long time.

There are a wide variety of colors to choose from. If we don’t have what is offered on the standard color chart, then there is the option to choose a “custom” color to fit your needs!