Cracked Rock Acid Stain In West Valley City


Cracked Rock Acid Stain

Cracked Rock designs are a good way to “mask” existing cracks in concrete to make it appear to have an authentic “Rock” look, rather than just random cracked concrete without any meaning to it. It’s a great way to avoid the expense of tearing the concrete out and instead create something that is unique to most common concrete surfaces.
The universal capabilities of concrete make it so easy to make the renewed surface look like whatever you want it to! Whether it is a conservative earth-tone look or a more radical “cobalt blue” finish, the customer can create just about anything that feels good and looks like the right fit for them. In other words, the “Cracked-Rock” look can be custom fitted to each customer’s needs and wants. That’s the beauty with working with the Polymer-modified cement products that we use these days.
An added element to this specialized product is the resilience to the harsh weather that is expected in this high desert climate of Utah’s.
Have a closer look at this approach to see if it would be a good solution to your concrete needs and give us a call to arrange for a FREE onsite estimate today!