Cherokee Acid Stained Overlay In Salt Lake City

Cherokee Acid Stained Overlay

As “Concrete Artists” we get the opportunity to do a variety of fun and exciting applications that are new and innovative for each individual property that we work on. This gives Concrete Design Systems the green-light to create what we believe would make a customer’s surroundings enhanced and beautified beyond what the owners thought possible!
This concrete patio is over 50-years old and had indoor-outdoor carpet on it. The old worn out carpet had to removed, along with the adhesive that was used to glue the carpet down. The quickest and most efficient way to remove this stubborn adhesive is to use a 7″ angle grinder with a 24-segmented diamond turbo cup wheel. After the grinding off of the glue the concrete surface is then pressure cleaned with a high 4200 psi cold water pressure cleaning machine to remove all the residue of concrete dust and any other weak spots that may be present in the concrete surface. Once that is completed the surface is now ready for the polymer modified cement application. White portland cement mixed with silica sand, lime and water mixed to consistency – along with the colored base ( Saltillo Yellow in this case ). After the textured overlay mixture is applied it is left to dry overnight. Then, the Cherokee color stain is applied with a pump sprayer and flooded over the area. The Stonehenge highlight is also applied simultaneously, along with the Cherokee base color, and is placed in a random distribution, giving the surface a natural rock and stone look.
Here’s one of those projects that takes concrete designing to another level!

If this looks like something that would enhance and liven up your old concrete, Give us a call and we will send out one of our professional estimators to evaluate your project to see what magical transformation Concrete Design Systems can create for you?