Waterproofing Wood Decking With Urethane In Park City

Waterproofing wood decking with
urethane waterproofing membrane

Urethane waterproofing membranes over wood decking is a perfect solution to protecting and safeguarding an exposed wood subfloor or suspended deck from the harsh elements. The process can be a little ominous and intimidating but well worth while in the long run.

There are a number of things that have to be taken into consideration when applying Urethane rubber coatings.

1. Weather: The forecast must be favorable for the duration of the application. Temperatures are just as critical. It is recommended that 70 degree conditions be present and that there is no rain in the daily forecast. Wind also can be a real concern as this can cause debris being carried into the air and falling into the urethane when being applied.

2. Surface Conditions:  The surface, whether it be concrete or wood, must be free of any contaminates and perfectly dry prior to the application of the Urethane. No oil, grease paints or petroleum can be present or the urethane will not bond to the contaminated area. This will result in “blisters” where the urethane will pull away from the surface in form of a “bubble”.

3. Pot-Life: This term is common when working with two-part products. This typically means that the ‘workability’ of the product is very short due to a “heat-reaction” that takes place when the two components are mixed together. This means that the applicator needs to be prepared with everything in advance of mixing the parts “A” and “B” together. Without having experience working with such a highly volatile product, one cannot predict what is to be expected for the outcome. It would be wise for a new candidate to read up on the product and review some actual footage of the Urethane being applied.
Having said all this, the following footage recorded on this subject will reveal a glimpse of all that goes into the placement of Urethane Waterproofing.

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