Driveway Resurfacing

Driveway Resurfacing is a great option for the homeowner to consider here in Utah. Extreme temperature swings and heavy snow and ice conditions beat up driveways in Utah over the course of time – in large part due to the harsh weather that takes its toll on them. Tradition has been to tear them out and redo them again with new concrete. Removing and replacing concrete is a pretty invasive procedure – not to mention the costs that are associated with tear-out and replacement. Whether you’re in Salt Lake City, or Lehi, UT, driveway resurfacing is a great option for the homeowner to consider.
Concrete Design Systems has an alternative approach to this “Traditional” method of replacing old worn out concrete. We have this saying here at CDS that goes like this; “Don’t Replace It – Resurface It!”. So that’s what we try to promote to the public as an ‘Option’, as opposed to going to the trouble of removing and replacing it. If Concrete Design Systems could show you that you could Resurface your driveway for Half the cost of tearing it out and replacing it, would that get your attention? I know that I would be interested to know more if I thought that I could save 50% to accomplish the same thing?
The beauty in the driveway resurfacing process is that it has been tried and proven now in this extreme climate for 35-years! So the proof is the performance over the test of time. Some of the great benefits are that the ‘Overlayment’ resurfacing product does not create an elevation variance that causes transitional concerns such as, walking from your driveway to your garage, sidewalk, patio or steps does not reflect any shift in height that would cause any ‘trip hazards’. Another plus is that the color is relatively close to the same shade of gray that your other existing concrete has. More advantages still are that the surface texture is comparable to new broom finished concrete, making it “non-slip” when wet or with snow covering the surface. And yet another perk to having your driveway resurfaced is that the polymeric additive in the product gives the finish a resilience to the ‘Freeze-Thaw’ cycles here in Utah. Meaning that removing snow is made much easier and the freezing of moisture is Not so prone to attaching itself to the newly applied resurfacer.
There’s more. There are colors and designs that can be done as well. This means that if your driveway has been colored and stamped with a pattern in it, Concrete Design Systems resurfacer and overlayment can be made to match! Yes…that translates into the options for a complete overhaul and remodeling of your existing driveway or other concrete that can be customized and designed just to fit your taste! It’s pretty impressive how this process can look very authentic to the real thing. The resurfacer can be made to look like Rock, Stone, Brick, Pavers and anything else you want created. It’s a very versatile product and provides a great new look to your hardscape in your yard.

Of course it’s not limited just to your yard’s flatwork….this can be applied on any concrete surface, such as basements, walkways, porches, patios, retaining walls, foundation walls, garage decks to list just a few applications.

Give us a call here at CDS and we’ll arrange to have a field estimator come out to look over your project and provide you with a FREE Estimate and evaluate your job to see how economical it really is! We travel all over the greater Salt Lake City region so give us a call today.